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Embark on an exciting survival journey with the latest version of Survive APK for Android! Join the adventure, You can Download from here!

Survive APK

Survive APK is one of the famous game in multiple countries, In this game A girl have to complete mindful tasks which is not easy for everyone. This Game is famous in these countries: Germany, brazil, Indonesia, and some more.

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Size67 MB
All FeaturesUnlocked
Survive APK

Reviews Of Survive APK

User Experience


Survive APK’s Graphics are Very Awesome. The Experience of Users is also admirable, Overall Whoever
will play this game will not be boring.


Features of Survive APK

Vivid ongoing interaction: Endure offers a charming and vivid gaming experience that keeps players connected for a long time.

Endurance challenges: Players are pushed into a dystopian reality where they should explore through difficult conditions, search for assets, and ward off unfriendly animals and different players.

Open-world investigation: The game gives an immense open world for players to investigate, loaded up with different scenes, deserted structures, and secret mysteries.

Making and building: Endure permits players to accumulate assets and specialty fundamental things and weapons and develop safe houses and strongholds for insurance.

Multiplayer mode: Gamers can collaborate with companions or unite with different players online to improve their possibilities of endurance or participate in exciting PvP fights.

Character customization: Players can customize their characters by looking over various dresses, extras, and gear choices.

Dynamic climate and day-night cycle: The game highlights a sensible climate framework and a day-night process, adding a layer of challenge and authenticity to the ongoing interaction.

Testing computer-based intelligence foes: Players will experience impressive computer-based intelligence-controlled adversaries, each with their ways of behaving and qualities, making battle experiences more severe and vital.

Journeys and missions: Endure offers different journeys and missions that furnish players with targets, awards to acquire, and storylines to follow.

Regular updates: The game is consistently refreshed with new happy, bug fixes, and ongoing interaction improvements to keep players drawn in and the experience unique.

Note: “APK” represents Android Bundle Pack, the record design used to circulate and introduce applications on Android gadgets.

Pros & Cons of Survive APK

  • Crafting system allows players to craft tools, weapons and shelter – adding depth and dimension to gameplay.
  • Multiplayer mode facilitates competition among other players while regular updates ensure that game remains fresh over time.
  • Available as an APK, making it accessible to a wider range of Android users.
  • Limited device compatibility; currently, only Android users have access to this game.
  • In-app purchases may create a pay-to-win environment in which those spending more money have an advantage over players who spend less.
  • Performance issues, such as lag or crashes may sometimes arise while playing this game.

Is Survive APK Safe?

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Survive APK is very safe to play, this APK file is also tested via Virustotal, you can check also yourself. We wiil provide Google drive download link which is more Safe to download APK files.


The PC has information about your personality and photographs you bought from the in-game site.

Photographs are accessible for buy solely after specific occasions are set off. You will get a warning once a picture is accessible for procurement. You want credits to buy photos. (Credits can be acquired by playing the ‘Butt Effect’ game.)

Once the photographs are bought, they can be viewed in ‘My Drive.’ You can set those as the foundation of your in-game PC.

Butt Effect game

Try not to allow different items to go through. Assuming that you missed five times, you are out.

Use “W” and “D” to go all over. Press “K” to fire shots.
Quick bypasses –

You can get to the swindles menu by clicking a button at the base right corner of the top menu.

Cheat Codes –

You can access cheats menu by clicking a button at the bottom right corner in pause menu.

Type in following codes in the text box and press ok.

  • Need food (+1 food)
  • starving (+3 food)
  • picnic (+10 food)
  • thirsty (+1 water)
  • dehydrated (+3 water)
  • watertank (+10 water)
  • revival (revives all dead character) (N/A in Demo)
  • babysitter (adds Leona to party)(N/A in Demo)
  • leader (adds Isabel to party)(N/A in Demo)
  • hornygirl (adds Alexandria to party)(N/A in Demo)
  • savage (adds Cheryl to party)(N/A in Demo)
  • boxofjoy (+2 food, +2 water, +2 metal, +2 wood, +2 fabric)
  • orangeherb (+2 green and pink herb)
  • health (+1 first-aid kit and cure)
  • superhealing (heals all characters to max health)
  • nosex (reduces horniness of all characters)
  • amused (maxed sanity of all characters)
  • boost (+3 enhancement serum)
  • power girl (+10 enhancement serum)
  • vaccinated (cures infection of all characters)
  • outoftime (-10 days)(N/A in Demo)
  • blacksmith (naked Isabel)
  • farmer (naked Leona)(N/A in Demo)
  • mechanic (naked Alexandria)(N/A in Demo)
  • waitress (naked Cheryl)(N/A in Demo)
  • invincible (All stats stays maxed)(N/A in Demo)*New 
  • mortal (Reverts ‘invincible cheat)(N/A in Demo)*New 
  • reset (Reset all H-Images unlock stats)*New
Survive APK
Survive APK
Survive APK

What is Survive APK Game?

Survive APK Game is a portable game that provokes players to get by in a dystopian world with different risks and deterrents. It offers a vivid endurance experience where players should search for assets, assemble cover, create devices and weapons, and fend off foes to remain alive.

Where could I, at any point, download Survive APK Game?

Survive APK Game isn’t accessible on official application stores, for example, Google Play Store or Apple Application Store. As an APK game, it may be downloaded from outsider sites or stages that give APK documents. It is essential to guarantee that you download the game from a trustworthy and confided-in source to avoid any security gambles.

What are the framework prerequisites for Survive APK Game?

The framework necessities for Survive APK Game might shift, relying upon the particular rendition and updates. It requires a viable Android gadget running on a specific most minor Android operating system variant, with adequate extra room and Slam limit. It is prescribed to check the game’s accurate site or the APK record hotspot for nitty gritty framework prerequisites.

Is Survive APK Game allowed to play?

Indeed, Survive APK Game is allowed to play. Nonetheless, it might offer discretionary in-application buys or premium elements that can be gotten by spending genuine cash. These buys are optional to advance in the game, yet they might improve the ongoing interaction experience or give specific benefits.

Can I play Survive APK Game offline?

Indeed, Survive APK Game can be played disconnected. When the game is downloaded and introduced on your device, you can play it without a web association. Nonetheless, a few highlights or online multiplayer choices require a web association with capability.

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